Why did Peter deny Christ And John the Baptist had doubts?

10 feb 2007, (edited on 30 oct 2015)

We have removed the above writing from our web site, as it talks about HWA’s teachings are to be correct, but are false. You may notice we have removed several writings because of this reason. The LORD  Has opened our minds to know that HWA is the first leader who took all to Babylon or religious confusion and caused all to turn away from  CHRIST the LORD, One and ONLY TRUE GOD. We proved it is “ONE’ GOD CREATED all things and that is  CHRIST the LORD. HWA and GF who follows the same teachings are from Judah who was the last tribe to forsake  CHRIST the LORD as proven in many writings. Specially, at the time of the breaking of the Covenant, they taught ‘TWO’ gods created. “Have we not all ONE FATHER? Hath not ONE GOD CREATED us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers? Judah hath dealt treacherously, and an abomination is committed in Israel and in Jerusalem; for Judah hath profaned the holiness of the LORD which he loved, and hath married the daughter of a strange GOD”. Mal 2: 10-11. These verses and as proven in our other writings, it is ONE GOD created us, and that He Is also ‘THE FATHER’. The ROCK, who is  CHRIST the LORD, created,  made, established, and begat all. Deu 32: 6, 12, 15, 18. “Of THE ROCK that BEGAT thee thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee”.This is why The LORD of HOSTS , who is also  CHRIST the LORD, condemns the Levitical ministry of not honoring Him as the FATHER in Mal. 1: 6. We have proven that The CREATOR is our FATHER. And HWA and GF who are of Judah, teaches ‘TWO’ gods created us and they teach against the scripture. Therefore, as we notice or when someone brings these things to our notice, we remove such writings which we have ignorantly written, in order to teach the truth. Therefore, this is the same writing, but what we have added later, will be in red. And what we remove will be in blue. Why did Peter deny Christ three times? Why did John the Baptist sent his disciples to ask Christ, “Are you the One to come” even after baptizing? What does this have to do with the gentiles?


{{{{Remember, what we add is written in red.

Without a doubt, we must prove The ROCK who is  CHRIST the LORD is our FATHER. He ALONE brought Israel out of Egypt. Read deu 32.

Deu 32:18  Of the Rock that begat thee thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee. }}}…If Judah (HWA and GF) rememberd The ROCK who BEGAT and FORMED them, … they would not have broken the Covenant and worship a GOD whom they have not seen or heard ! 1 co 10: 3- 4 says, The ROCK gives the ‘SPIRITUAL’ drink and meat.! Then, if He gives us the food and water, then He should be our FATHER. Because only a FATHER does so. And what happens if you go to other gods to get the ‘SPIRITUAL’ drink and meat when The ROCK gives it? Would they get it? This is why, having gone after other gods, Judah lost the holiness and broke the Covenant and forgot the GOD who formed and begat them!


If the scripture says, ‘The ROCK’ is the GOD who BEGAT us, then we must believe. ! As these two leaders did not teach according to the truth, … we have removed many writings and when we have time, we will try to correct it and post them again. This is why few writings are missing and no longer accessible in our web site. If you notice such false teachings about Judah which we have written, .. please let us know and thank you. !  }}}}


Here is the same writing , added in red, and to be removed in blue ;-

“The Jews could not understand that Christ is to be the deliverer of the “gentiles” as well. Jews called the gentiles “dogs”. To eat with gentiles, could get you cast out of the synagogue. They never thought that Christ will have anything to do with the “dogs”. The Jewish religion prohibits them to have anything common with the dogs. They were surprised to see, that Christ was mingling with them. They simply could not understand why Christ Had to deal with these dogs. It was simply not acceptable for the Jews. We will prove from the Word, that Peter denied and John the Baptist ask Him, “Are You the One to come” because Christ was “dealing with the gentiles”. He came to save the whole world and the Jews could not understand that. God the Father Had to remove such selfishness and arrogant pride from the Jews as well as anyone who is proud, before the kingdom is established. Therefore, God planned the Jews to be blind till He calls out a people from the ‘gentiles’. Because of God’s blessings, the Jews became selfish and lifted up. They looked down on others and treated them as dogs. God could not give a kingdom to such people. He is not a respecter of persons. God calls their way of life “ Jewish traditions”.. But the gospel was given to them first. Through Abraham, the whole world is to be blessed. They became selfish and vain. Jews were not willing to share their deliverer with the world. 


Christ, knowing that He will be rejected by His “own”, said to a ‘gentile’ woman, that an hour would come that ‘Jews’ will not worship God the Father in Spirit and in truth and in the mountain or in Jerusalem.  {{{(the GOD whom they did not honor as the ‘FATHER’, is The ROCK, who begat them, who is  CHRIST the LORD! All worships GOD the Father as  CHRIST the LORD said in John 8: 54. But none worships The CREATOR who begat us all, who is The LORD of HOSTS  and  CHRIST the LORD! )}}This prophecy is to be fulfilled in the laodicean era. Then, God’s praise comes from the “children”, who are the gentiles as we have proven from the Word. This means, the gentiles will worship God in Spirit and in truth. Why did Christ choose a “gentile woman” instead of his disciples to tell that?  Because when this prophecy is to be fulfilled, Jews already have stopped worshiping and there are no Jews left. If the last high priest is filthy, then we know the whole body is filthy. Before Christ dies, Jews, including Peter and all other apostles were scattered in that “NIGHT” and they all denied Him.  Now, in this ‘night’ , (Read: Christ comes as a thief in the night) the church, the Jews have betrayed Christ.  (read: Christ’s wife was betrayed by an evangelist in our web site)


God Had to show Peter in a vision “three” times, that what He Has created ( gentiles)  is not “unclean”. Cornelius was given the Holy Spirit freely, even ‘before” baptism. Peter did not have to lay hands before the Spirit came on him. The apostles could not believe that it happened that way.  But, even after the visions, Peter was afraid to be with the gentiles. Much later, when he wrote 1 Peter, he knew that in the end, the gentiles will worship God and that as 1 Pet 2: 12  says, that, in the end time, the “gentiles” will accuse “Jews” of being “evil doers”. So he would have understood that gentiles will be God’s people, in the “last time. ( 1 Pet 1: 5, 20. this is to occur in the “last time”, which is now.) Those days, if  a Jew  have fellowship with the gentiles, they will be “cast out of the synagogues” and no body wanted that to happen. John 7:13, 9:22 , 20:19,  even says, no man admitted that they know “Christ”, in fear of the Jews.  


The Jews have never changed… they cast out those who obey God even to this day. Even now, the ministers and members alike think that to stay in the church is better than to obey God. They do not want to leave the church , even when God says, “come out of her My people”. It is so wrong to be cast out of the church, but one can deny Christ. Mal 3: 15-18 says, when the proud are built up as it has happened now, what God says is to “speak to one to another and separate”. But the leaders say “don’t talk with one another”. When a member sees their leader’s faults or how they teach against God’s Word, they are to ask questions. Then, they get cast out and are  marked. The sin is buried with the member who asked the question. There after, others in the church are asked not to talk with the cast out member. How could others know the sins if they cannot talk with the cast out? PCG leader was cast out. But God blessed him. 3 John warns us such a condition in the ‘true’ church, as the cast our are the “TRUE” followers.  God says, speak with one another and be ye separate. Such  authority in the church is nothing but “ANTICHRIST”. The Jews have not changed a bit since their days in the beginning. They still do what they want instead of listening to God. The members and ministers fear the leaders more than God.  Such authority, arrogance and  way of life has to be changed now. Jews will not be an exalted people in the world tomorrow. Zech 8:23 says, “everyone” will go with Jews in search of God’s way of life. GF said, the whole world will be Israel after the times of gentiles. So everybody should wait for the times of the gentiles, but when it is here, they do not know.  


 Rev 3: 9 shows, the synagogue of the Jews exist even in our day. God’s plan is  different from Jewish traditions.  Satan, (or evil hearts) knowing God’s plan always Jews hinderednn the gentile conversion. (Read: Synagogue of the Jews) in fear of the Jews, Peter denied Christ, and John the Baptist had doubts about Christ, because He mingled with the dogs and they never expected the Messiah would do that. Jews at one point even thought that  Christ is a “Samaritan”. (John 8:48). Christ tried to teach the Jews, that God the Father  loves the whole world. Jews did not like it.  For that reason, they accused Him of having a demon . Christ in turn, said, no….. you are the sons of the devil, you “liars”. John the Baptist could not understand (even having the Spirit of God), that Christ came to save the “whole” world. He, himself said, “Behold! The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the  “WORLD”. (John 1: 29) but after that, when he saw Christ mingling with the dogs, he had doubts ; that this is the real Messiah and had to send his disciples to ask Christ “Are You the One to come”?.   Even after many miracles, Jews doubted (John 10:24)


According to the Word, the Jews’ Passover and the feasts were different from Christ’s. (John 2: 13,  5:1,  6 :4, 7:2 etc.) Christ straightened everything wrong in the Jewish religion and called out a people to come out of the Jewish system. Jews could not understand that Christ is the “Son of God”. John 5:18. they did what they want and no difference now. Many times, when He healed on “Sabbath”, they wanted to kill Him and throw stones at him. John 7:1 says, once Christ had to go to Galilee, and to wilderness (John 11:54) because the Jews wanted to kill Him.  John’s epistle condemns the Jews more than any other book in the Bible. In all his epistles, he tried to point out the error and the truth.  The Jews were not willing to accept the truth. NEVER.  They think, one has to follow their way of life than God’s way of life. God allowed them to be delusioned because of that. God Has a different plan… He called out a people from every nation, language and tribe.


(Joh 3:16)  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life…. It is God’s will that the “whole world” to be saved and for this purpose, He sent His own Son. This includes the whole world, blacks, whites, browns etc. Who ever “believes” on Him should not perish. When the Word says, who ever “believes”, means, those who “believe obey, love, and keep commandments”.

As we can prove from the Word, that in the end, just as the Jews did not accept Christ in His first coming, even now before His second coming, they are not ready to receive Him. The fact that there are “many” groups of God’s church shows this. This is why, they were sent to “Babylonian captivity”. The time has come that no one worships God in Spirit and in truth. (read: Living waters pt 1 & 2 inwww.gentileassembly.org .


The gentiles accepted John’s baptism but Jews failed to accept. ( we will prove from the scripture. )  That means gentiles knew John the Baptist and obeyed him even the Jews rejected him. Even in the end time, the poor, the widows and the gentiles only accepted God’s work done through the end time Elijah. {{{ following para is to be removed. :-“The fact that there are so many groups  which have come out of WCG prove that they have not obeyed or accepted HWA or his works. Even though PCG fought and bought his books, they failed to live by the truth which he restored.” (see the Bamah matter in our web site)  He came to “turn” the hearts of the children to the father. If everyone listened to what he said, there would not be any divisions among the children of God, who are the spiritual Jews.}}}}…Elijah proved The LORD of HOSTS  is the true GOD. And The LORD of HOSTS  is  CHRIST the LORD. Then, He Is the FATHER also as proven in many writings. Elijah did not prove that there are TWO GODS! So end time Elijah should turn the hearts of the children to the true FATHER, as there is only ONE FATHER as  CHRIST the LORD said. And that is The ROCK who is  CHRIST the LORD and cause all to drink and eat from Him! As proven, that fact alone proves HWA and GF are false leaders who were sent by GOD, to be His enemy in the end. Remember it is the wife of CHRIST The LORD , who is the ministry, who is to be the enemy of ‘ CHRIST the LORD’, or The ROCK, or The LORD of HOSTS  !!!}}}}


In Mat 11: 2---- and Luk 7: 17 --- the Word says, the report about Christ’s  miracles was told to John when he was in prison. And, instead of believing His miracles to prove that “Christ” was the one to come, he sent his disciples  to ask Christ, “Are You the One to come”? When John’s disciples came to Him, they saw Christ healing many and gave life to dead and so on…. Christ said to go and tell John, what they saw… blind could see, … and the “poor” are being preached the gospel, the dead widow’s son was brought back to life etc.  Why only the ‘poor’  mentioned ? The ‘poor’  here which Christ preached the gospel to, and the “widow” whose son was brought to life are the “gentiles”. They could not understand that Christ will work and teach the “gentiles”. Mar 1: 14 says Christ came to preach the gospel toGalilee. Or as John 10: 16 says, there are “other sheep’ who are not from this fold” that He Has to bring and “they will hear”. So the other sheep  will hear, but not “this fold”.  They are the Jews. (V 25-27… )Why would our Messiah talks and heal these dogs, they would have thought … and Christ said, ‘blessed is he who is not “offended because of Me”.

 why did He say that some will be “offended” because of Him? Why would these healings and miracles would offend any one?  The Jews, including John the Baptist and His apostles could not understand that Christ came to preach the gospel to the gentiles.


Luk 7:17… in “Judea”, where the leaders of the Jews were, and v 18 says, these are the things which John’s disciples reported to him. What was done among the ‘gentiles’. This is what caused John the Baptist to be offended and send his disciples to ask Christ that question. These things were not done on a ‘Sabbath’ even to offend any one. He Has not broken any laws or done any bad thing here.  He is being a good “Samaritan”. Not a good “Jew”. That is why they were offended.  After all, He was healing and giving the gospel to the “poor”. These “poor” are not the Jews. If Christ helped the poor Jews, they will not be offended.. They were offended because Christ went to “gentiles”. They were the poor. Christ knew that the Jews, including John, will be offended and would not believe Christ going to the gentiles. More on this later.


John 4: 2- --… he went to “Galilee”  leaving “Judea”. (read: Judea flee)  That is where the Jews and leaders were. They would have thought, how could this man claiming to be ‘The Lamb” go to the gentiles.  He spoke to the “gentile” woman (John 4) to teach her that Jews will not worship God one day. ( read: Living waters pt 1 and 2) And the apostles were marveled. Because  those days, the Jews do not have any dealings with gentiles as this chapter shows. But Christ changed that all by talking with this gentile woman who is a harlot a “sinner”. They expected the Messiah to come and save “Israel”. Not the world or the gentiles. This is what caused many Pharisees and leaders of Jews to reject Him mainly. He was healing on “Sabbath” showing that it is time to bring the “ox and the ass” to give them water and to heal and to bring them back from the pit. ( read: Poor and Fatherless and : Pray that your flight may not be on Sabbath to learn which ‘Sabbath’ is this ) . Christ was doing many miracles which are prophecies apply in  our time.   


Just before the disciples of John reported to John about Christ’s healings among the “gentiles”, in Luk 7: 9 , after healing the centurion’s servant, Christ said, ‘I have not found such great faith not even in Israel”. The Jews would have thought, Christ Has to come and save us, and what kind of a man is this, he is always with the gentiles.  And v 5 , the Jews said, this centurion loves ‘OUR’ NATION and he has built a synagogue also. These two verses show, that this centurion is a “gentile”. And this is why Christ said, I have not found such great faith even in “Israel”. If this man was a Jew, Christ would not have said that.  Then, the day after, He raised up a dead man, son of a ‘widow’. This happened in “Nain”, which is on the way to Jerusalem, but still a “gentile” city. Smith’s commentary says, it is a village of “Galilee”, and that is a gentile city, even though there were synagogues. So this widow would have been a “gentile” also. Mat 4:15.


Luk 7: 11--- Christ was going to Galilee and a city near Galilee is Nain, where the widow’s son was made alive. Luk 7: 17… this  raising the son of the widow is the report went out through out all of “Judea”, where the “Jews” were. In v 18, this is what was reported to John. This is what troubled John to ask …“are you the one to come”?, because He was healing and dealing with the “gentiles” and He was preaching the poor who are the “gentiles”, about the “kingdom”. This caused many Jews to be offended. The dead widows , the ‘gentiles’ are being raised to have eternal life by Christ. And Jews should not be offended. This is an end time prophecy. Even now, the gospel is being accepted by the gentiles. v 34 further proves, Christ was accused of being a friend of “publicans and sinners”. V 29 – 30 shows, while the Pharisees and lawyers, the leaders of the Jews rejected the baptism of John, but the publicans, the sinners accepted. The “sinners”, are the “gentiles”, ( Gal 2: 14-15…) when Peter refused to sit with the gentiles, Paul rebuked him. And v 15 says, the Jews, by nature, are not the “sinners as the gentiles” are . {{{… why are the gentiles called ‘SINNERS”???   Because they were without GOD! ….“That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world: “ Eph.  2: 12 . And now, all Israel are sinners, as they are without the ONE TRUE GOD, The ROCK, OR  CHRIST the LORD …  who begat them, having BROKEN THE Covenant and forsaken Him  !!!!!!  If Israel are not sinners having GOD and the Covenants, and if they now do not have Him Jer. 8: 19-20, and have broken the Covenant, Mal. 2: 10-11, Psa 89: 3-40, Zech 11: 10-11, WOULD THEY NOT BE SINNERS?  and if the gentiles have taken hold of the Covenant  Isa. 56: 5-9, and have accepted The ROCK as their FATHER and are drinking and eating from Him, … would NOT these gentiles be as Israel??? Now Israel have NO CHRIST, NO GOD, … NO Covenant AND NO HOPE AND ARE ALIENS !  }}}}  Jews thought the ‘gentiles” are “sinners” and called them “dogs”. But God call the Jews “dumb dogs”. Is 56: 10)  So, to John, Christ’s dealings with the dogs would not have been acceptable just as Peter could not accept. This is why, Christ said, He came to call the “sinners” (Luk 5: 32)  So by going to gentiles, during John’s time is a prophecy for our time. Christ mostly spent time with the sinners.


HWA after restoring the truth, went to gentiles and a major part of his work in the end was to them. {{{… HWA RESTORED Sabbath AND FEASTS, BUT NOT THE TRUTH ABOUT GODHEAD. HE NEVER PREACHED THAT The ROCK BEGAT Israel. GOD used HWA as a leader in His church as no one can deny. He first preached in his early writings, that there is ONE GOD. But in his death bed, he changed that to TWO gods, just as The LORD  prophesied in Mal. 2: 10-11, that Judah will break the Covenant, and preach that TWO gods CREATED. Then there has to be TWO FATHERS also. But there is only One and ONLY TRUE GOD, who is The ROCK who begat who gives us the spiritual meat and drink from Whom, we should drink and eat the SPIRITUAL drink. !!  Any leader who takes the people to The ROCK to drink, will cause them to drink the true Living Waters. As GOD prophesied, Judah lost the holiness and forsook the The ROCK of his salvation. Deu 32: 15 ! So what The ROCK prophesied, is fulfilled in Judah now! }}}} 


When the  MOA, was  delivered, the video shown was his  works to “gentiles”. He ordained a “gentile” high priest. Deut 17: 14- 20 says, no ‘gentile’ should be a high priest. But why did God allow a gentile to be ordained by the “Elijah” to be the high priest? For somebody who was sent to ‘restore’ the truth, to anoint a gentile, is very confusing. Unless, God wanted to show, now, I will send you to ‘gentiles’ and they will hear the gospel (Act 28:28). When there was a famine during Elijah’s time, he was sent to a gentile widow. Even now, Elijah’s {{{work}}}restored truth, is being fed by gentiles. The last church to leave what HWA restored is PCG, when she invited strangers to God’s altar. They only held fast to the covenant, while all the Jews did not. But now they too have fallen. That is the same duration of time…. Three and half years.!{{{ Eze. 16: 52 prophesies that she will do WORSE than others. And now we see it is so, as PCG teaches the same lie about GODHEAD and the same two gods teaching HWA taught!}}} 


Deu 32:15  But Jeshurun waxed fat, and kicked: thou art waxen fat, thou art grown thick, thou art covered with fatness; then he FORSOOK GOD WHICH MADE him, and lightly esteemed THE ROCK OF HIS SALVATION….”.  Therefore, if any one forsakes the GOD who CREATED us, and who is the GOD of ‘SALVATION’,… would they get salvation from that GOD ???  This is why, there is a prophecy in Isa. 11: 9 – 11 says, the knowledge of GOD  will be given to REDEEM all. !!!  So The LORD  must redeem such people from bondage, as if one does not go to The ROCK, … they are under bondage. Only  CHRIST the LORD will set all free by the truth! Understand… if one forsakes The ROCK who gives spiritual meat and drink and gives salvation, …. Would you receive the spiritual meat and drink and salvation????  That proves, Jeshurun needs salvation and under bondage as The LORD  said in John 8 , that Abraham’s children are under bondage!!!


Did not HWA and GF, who is Judah take all to drink from GOD the Father ???  Did not GF preach ‘go pass JESUS CHRIST the LORD, and go to GOD the Father as the HEAD ? Did he not preach ‘do not focus on CHRIST too much and go to GOD the Father’????  LORD’s words will never pass without being fulfilled!  Mal. 2: 10- 11, and Mal. 1: 6 , also Mal. 1: 11 must be fulfilled and it is so !!! }}}}


In HWA’s early writings,  he wrote in “Did Christ re- organize the church”?.... {{The church is Israelites. Not a gentile church just called Israel. It is Israel. But those who do not come by ‘faith’, and who are disobedient, are cut off, though Israelitish born, while gentile converts  thru Christ are adopted in to Israel. Thus spiritually speaking, Israel is the church. and it is the church who shall be married to Christ. Israel redeemed by the blood of the lamb of God. }}}  people accuse HWA for saying racist statements. He stopped black students coming to AC. Then, many accuse him of being a racist. What ever it is, in this writing, he says, the church is not a “gentile” church, but it is “Israel”. Looks like the end time John the Baptist is confused too. . Israel redeemed by the blood of the lamb of God. }}….?   Not only “Israel”, but the Lamb came to redeem the whole world. At the same time  he says, those who do not have “faith” and are “disobedient” are “cut off”. Who do not have faith now? It is the Jews. (Rom.  11: 20 “because of unbelief they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Be not highminded, but fear:”  The “poor” who were preached the gospel by Christ, now is “rich in faith”. (Jam 2:5). Who are being disobedient? It is all Israel.( they are appointed to stumble on  CHRIST the LORD , Isa. 8: 14, and even the Word of GOD  1  Pet. 2: 6-10. V 8 “And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.). GOD knows the hearts. He saw and prophesied they will forsake Him, and will have stiff necks which is pride! Would Judah preach these truths and say we will stumble on The ROCK and forsake Him and even we are appointed to stumble at the Word of GOD ? ALL THESE MEANS, GOD ALLOWED ALL OF THEM TO BE SINNERS AS GENTILES AS WRITTEN ABOVE !!!  }}}}.  God Had to send all the 12 tribes in to captivity. He broke the covenant with “ALL” Israel. ( Zech 11: 10-11, while the “poor” watched)  We know, that the gentiles are grafted in because of Jews’ unbelief  and they are to receive the same salvation. Our many writings proved this fact and for God, now the Jews or Greek are same. The poor who heard directly from Christ , the gospel, became rich in faith, while the Jews were disobedient. Christ said, He found such ‘GREAT” faith,  not inIsrael.  He praised gentiles many times while condemning Israel. Mat 12: 42, John 4,

 Luk 4: 27, the good “Samaritan”, …these are prophecies for our time. Christ’s work, John’s work were accepted by these “sinners” the dogs, the poor, gentiles..but not by His own, the Jews. 


“Gentiles” have proven that they are “faithful” to God. (Read: The last hour church spilt; Jews and gentiles). The Jews, the sons of the kingdom, will be gnashing their teeth  (Math 8:12, 13: 42 and many will come and sit in the kingdom from east and west, and the sons will be thrown in to outer darkness. We have proven all these from the Word in out writings. The gentiles are commanded to expose the wickedness of the disobedient “sons”.( Eph 5, 1 Pet 2: 12)  even HWA thought that “Israel” will be the church, but in the end, only the gentiles are holding on to the “faith”. James 1: 1 is about all 12 tribes gone in to captivity. Ez 16:52 is all about all the end time churches going in to captivity. Only the poor are left. As HWA said, those who are disobedient, are cut off now.  


The Truth, nothing but the “TRUTH”

Is 42:… 1.. Christ will bring “judgment” to “gentiles”. Also Act 26:23, Luk 2: 32., Is 9:1-3. John 10:40.  Christ, in His first time, did not bring revelation to Gentiles, even though He did many miracles among them. This is to happen, in the “Day of visitation” (read) , which is to reveal the wickedness of the Jews as 1 pet 2: 12 , 1 Cor 4:5. The prophet in Israel, do not know when Christ comes (Hos 9:7). That shows, all Israel have failed to uphold the “truth”. Because of the truth, they spiritually killed us too. They have inherited lies. {{{ and the gentiles are to come and say they have inherited lies. Jer. 16: 19. And to afflict the liars.  That is the treading down by the gentiles as The LORD  prophesied in Rev. 11: 2- 3 }}}  These prophecies that are being fulfilled now.

V 3..and  judgment to the “truth”. Christ will bring judgment to “gentiles” and to the “truth”.  This prophecy is fulfilled now, and at that time, only the gentiles will have the truth. The ‘man of sin’ is sitting in the ‘temple’ of God. He is a liar. This is why Christ Had to go to the ‘outer court’, where the ‘gentiles’ are in Rev 11:2. This verse shows;  until the “times of gentiles”, there is no truth in Israel, (John 4 proves further),  The gentiles will have truth when God “judges” Israel.  


V 4.. The “isles”, which we proved also the “gentiles”.

V 6-7… Christ will be a “light” of the gentiles… in Galilee( Is 9: 1,  Mat 4:15)  .  John 3:21 says, the “TRUTH” comes to “LIGHT”. This further proves, the gentiles have the truth as they have “light”. John 8:” 32 says, the “TRUTH” shall make you “free”. But, Jews sought to kill Christ, because of the “TRUTH” and they did not believe Him. ( John 8:40-46). This is how, the true followers are cast out too. The liar does not like the truth. so he has cast us out too.


To keep the commandments, we need the “Spirit”. Spirit leads us to the “truth”. {{{ The Comforter, who is the Spirit and Truth, was prophesied to be sent , after CHRIST’s death. And when there are lies, is when the truth is needed to redeem all }}} Truth and lie cannot dwell together.  Also, we must have the truth as Christ said, for God seek  such to worship Him,  in “Spirit and in truth”. But, Christ showed the gentile woman, that one day, the “Jews” will not worship God in “Spirit and in truth”. This means the gentiles will worship God in Spirit and in truth, as we have proven from the Word. If ‘Jews’  do not worship God in Spirit, they cannot have the truth either.  They cant be keeping God’s commandments,  For without the Spirit, we cannot please God. (John 4: 24) And for Thessalonian gentiles Paul said, “God has from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth 2 Thess. 2:13   and, in 1 John 4:4 – 6…shows about the little children  (Read” Living waters pt 1 &2 to see who are the little children)  who have over come and those who “speak the worldly” things,  the synagogue of the Jews. By this, the Spirit of truth and error is known. Those who speak about the worldly things, are in error. They do not have the Spirit. Therefore, according to Christ, the Jews are in error and that is why, they speak worldly things. These little children love in deed and in truth ( 1 John 3: 18) . Even Christ said to the ‘little children” to love one another as John also said . ( Joh 13: 32-34)   V 33 Christ shows the difference between little children and the Jews.


Jews hated Christ so much, Even after crucifying Christ, the Jews did not want Christ to say, that He is the king of the Jews. John 19:21.


1 John 5: 4- 6… who ever has the Spirit of God, over come the world. You can over come by ‘faith’. James 2: 5 shows, only the poor are rich in ‘faith”. The “rich” who are the Laodiceans, also  the synagogue of the Jews, do not have faith. And the Spirit bears witness because Spirit is “truth”.  So, as Christ said, the Jews do not have the Spirit,  faith,  or the truth, therefore, they cannot over come. In other words, the Jews have NOTHING.


Those who speak the worldly things, serves the devil. (Ez 24:21, 16:52 says who they are) They do not have God living in them. This is why John 8:44, Christ said, you are of your father the devil, because of the worldly lusts… and murderers ,full of lies. Since they are worldly, they cannot receive the Spirit of “Truth”. John 14:17.  But to receive the Spirit of truth, you need the Holy Spirit. (John 15:26, 16:13)


John 14: 6… Christ is the way to the Father… {{{ in John 16:25,  CHRIST the LORD said, He ‘WILL’ reveal the FATHER . but I shall shew you plainly of the Father”. This means no one knew who the FATHER WAS OR IS and would NOT KNOW, until HE REVEALS or show plainly. !!! And He was planning to reveal it when He comes the second time, to give the knowledge of GOD  . Isa. 11: 9 – 11. ! So until such time, or until He shows us plainly who the FATHER is, we could not worship the FATHER as in John 4, in Spirit and Truth !!!  And the Spirit and Truth is The Comforter, who is  CHRIST the LORD, Himself !  So no one could have worshiped the true FATHER, until then !!!  please read “what is the allegory of the word ‘FATHER’ in JOh 16: 25 “. And The LORD  said ‘you worship the FATHER’ in John 8:54. So when you comapare both scriptures, you can see… you worship GOD  in vain as the scripture says as HE HAS NOT SHOWN YOU PLAINLY OF THE FATHER IN HIS FIRST COMING!!! This is why He said to the gentile woman, that none will worship the FATHER in Spirit and Truth in John 4 !!!  and without knowing the true FATHER, The ROCK who begat, … how can we be sons of GOD ???  If The ROCK begat us, formed and created us, … then HE SHOULD BE OUR FATHER !!  }}}


He is also the Truth and life. Since they have rejected because of their unbelief,  they cannot go to the Father. Nevertheless, we are sanctified by the “truth” and what shows us the truth?  (John 17:17- 19) The “Word”.  


John 18: 37… Christ came to bear witness unto the ‘truth’ and everyone is of the ‘truth’, will hear Him. How can the Jews hear Him, since they do not have the ‘truth’? This is why the faithful witnesses cannot lie…. ( Pro 14:5) We proved from the Word, that God, Christ and the new moon are the faithful witnesses. Just like they killed Christ because they did not believe Him, now, the synagogue of the Jews also has killed Christ’s true followers, and has trampled them. Rev 12… the woman pictured by the 12 tribes, now in captivity as Jam 1: 1 says, because they trampled this new moon. This moon is being used by God, to “witness” against the Jews.


Rom 1: 18….2:8,  The “wrath of God” is on those who “hold the truth in unrighteousness”. Therefore, since the Jews do not worship God in truth, now God’s wrath is on them.

 In Rom 2: 1-3 … God condemns those who “judge” others and do the same thing. But, the ‘judgment’ of God is according to the “truth” against those who do that. Who  ‘judged’ others and committed even worse crimes? It is PCG. Ez 16: 8- 14, 52-63)


Gal 2 says, all the Jews, Peter and Barnabas would not eat with the gentiles. But Paul rebuked them and said, they “do not walk uprightly according to the ‘truth’ of the gospel, ….. v 15 says, the “gentiles’ are the “sinners”. So the Jews, never wanted to associate the gentiles as they thought they are sinners. But , this is contrary  to the gospel, says Paul.  So the ‘truth’ of the gospel is contrary what the Jews thought. Peter, and all the Jews mentioned here, long  after receiving Holy Spirit, acted worse than the gentiles. (V 14). They should have known, that the gospel and the salvation is for the whole world. In CHRIST, there is no Greek, nor Jew, but all are a new creation! So even after receiving Holy Spirit, they still could not understand “God’s plan” which is to include the gentiles as well. Is it any different today ?  Now we live in the ‘times of the gentiles’ and who would want to believe God’s gospel of salvation to everyone? The whole world had to be one with God. There is no difference between Jews, nor Greek… female nor male… we must get rid of all divisions “before” Christ comes. There is no other way. Christ will open the blind eyes and  at the same time, being a light to the gentiles. The Jews have no choice, but to get the light from the gentiles. (Is 60:1-3) This is God’s plan. The Jews are holding back Christ’s coming by  not obeying God’s Word. Even after they received Holy Spirit, they still cannot understand the plan of redemption. They preached, but not practice.


John 1: 17…the law was given by Moses, but “grace and truth” by Christ. The law was given to Jews, but they failed to keep it and by grace, the gentiles have attained to righteousness (read: No flesh would be saved) But in the end, after the number of the gentiles are fulfilled, everyone will be saved by “Grace”.


Gal 3 points out, the miracles were done among the gentiles, and by “faith” they are made Abraham’s children. (v8). The gentiles are justified by “faith”. Not by works. This is why the gentiles are being accepted. We have proven from the Word of God, that gentiles have attained to righteousness and how they are saved. V 7 says, those who have faith, the “gentiles”, are the “children of Abraham”, and this is why, the gentiles or the nations are being blessed through Abraham. V 9 says, those who have “faith”, are blessed with “faithful” Abraham. But, the Jews, who had the law, are cursed. This is the truth of God, and before Christ comes, those who would like to accept, have to accept these prophecies WRITTEN in the Word. There are no short cuts. Therefore, harden not your hearts… Gal 4: 5 says, those who are under the law, have to be “redeemed”. V 16 says, because of the truth, Paul had become an enemy… the truth hurts. Nevertheless, we must speak the truth as we are one body. (Eph 4:25). There cant be divisions among the children of God.  How the spiritual Jews are divided now? Could Christ come in to a body like this where no one speak the truth or the same thing? If everyone loves God, they would love the truth too and there won’t be many divisions. If we have bitter envying and strife, we do not glorify God, and that is to lie against the truth. (Jam 3:14)   Jere 9:24 says, if one want to glorify God, they should “know” Him and understands Him. That is His will. Should we not bear the fruits of the spirit? And love righteousness and truth? ( Eph 5:9) ? these are the armor of God. (Eph 6:14). Why do those who are with the ‘man of sin’ perish spiritually?  Because ;…


2Th 2:10 – 12  And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the “ truth”  that they might be saved. For if we willfully sin after receiving the “truth”, there is no more sacrifice for sins. This is why, these people perish spiritually. This is a spiritual matter.

V 13… when this man sits in the temple being the leader, or the high priest, who is full of sin, the Thessalonian gentiles ( or everyone who opposed this man and got murdered spiritually)  are promised with the salvation through ‘sanctification of the Spirit, and belief of the “truth”. These are the beloved of the Lord, and they are chosen from the beginning.


1 Ti 2:4, 15… if you want to be “saved”, you must know the “truth”.  If we want to be approved unto God, then, we must know the “truth”. V 25 says, God will make them repent, when they “acknowledge” the truth and that is godliness Tit 1;1. We are purified by obeying the truth. (1 Pet 1: 22) also, we should be established in the ‘present truth’.( 2 Pet 1: 12). The present truth is,  the love of many have lost, there is not truth among the Jews, they have gone in to captivity, there is no faith and no one worships God in truth because they  lie and God’s Spirit cannot lead them any more.  

The synagogue of the Jews, learned for ever, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 2 Tim 3:7.  They say they have fellowship with God, but lie and do not do the truth. This is why they walk in darkness ( 1 John 1: 6) In the latter days, we see how these have turned their ears from the truth and has turned in to “fables”… Tit 1:14 says, this is done by the “Jews”, as it says, “Jewish” fables. So the ‘Jewish’ fables come from men and not from God and that turns one away from the truth of God.  it does not say ‘gentile’ fables, but “Jewish”. They are the leaders in the church and that is why the Word warns us about the end time “synagogue of the satan”. They say they know God, but not keep God’s commandments and that is why they are liars. There is no truth in them. (1 John 2:4)


We have come to the end, and to the “times of the gentiles”, Jews,  not wanting to accept the gentiles just as Peter and others did,  will not accept our work. Now, they walk contrary to God’s Word. PCG leaders have commanded the members to not to have any contacts with members in other churches, including their own family members. Some children were told to not to contact even their parents who were cast out. The parents do not know any thing about the children. Many members have written and said, that they are told by the PCG members, that in the future, they will not even call them.  But the members are told to buy many copies of their new book “raising the ruins”, and gift them to other church members. How could God come and reside in such a church?  Our RD has said, that he will never take us back to church. is this his church? Is there any truth in them when they behave contrary to the gospel? Those who do not love the truth, have God’s delusion to believe such lies. God “begets” us with the ‘Word of TRUTH”. now the Jews cannot be begotten as they do not love the Word of truth.  (Jam 1: 18). Since the Jews  say they have no sin by not understanding the present truth, they deceive themselves. ( 1 John 1: 8)  As we proved from the Word in our writing “Living waters”, in the end, the gentiles shall come and say the Jews have inherited lies. ( Jer 16:19). This is the present truth. also as 1 Pet 2: 12. During this time, we are told by God’s Word, that we do not need anyone to teach us, as we have the anointing which is the “truth”. ( 1 Joh 2: 27). Those who abide in the truth, do not need any one to teach. First century Jews did not want to have anything to do with the sinners who are gentiles, the end time Jews follow that. They were partial to the poor, who are the gentiles. Christ is teaching us directly now as  Heb 1:2 says. He preached the gospel to the poor in Galilee, where the gentiles are and this is being fulfilled now.


The Word of God clearly states that in the end time, the Jews will not worship God in Spirit and in truth. this is why John the apostle wrote the last two books to an elect lady and Gaius, because they had the “truth”. This is not the church, or the corrupt mountain which is in Babylon. ( just before delivered. Mic 4: 10) When the church is gone to Babylon, because of their failure to obey and abide in the truth, they lost God’s spirit. Then, those who loved the truth, separated from the main body and became the “little sanctuaries”. For them John wrote these two books, because John 1: 1, and 2:1 is written to those who ‘love in truth”. These two books cannot be for those who have refused to worship God in Spirit and in truth, and it is the ‘Jews”. One other thing, that these two epistles apply ONLY in our time, after the separation of those who have the truth and those who “do not” have the truth. Now only these epistles could be understood.  


Luke 4: 14… after being tempted, He RETURNED to Galilee and v 18… He read Isaiah’s prophecy about Him preaching the gospel to the “POOR” and to bring the “captives” and to open the “blind” eyes which is the acceptable year of the Lord. This is a prophecy for us now, since the laodicean era is the “blind” and the “captives” are… and even now, He reveals these things to  gentiles the poor. His fame went through  out Galilee, while Jews in Jerusalem asked who is this?


Galilee, a city of the gentiles

The Jews including John and HWA were confused about the times of the gentiles. It is interesting to know that , Christ spent  much time around ‘Galilee’ and  Galilee is a gentile city.  

Luke 1: 26… angel  Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee of Nazareth. So Nazareth where Christ is from, was in Galilee.

Luk 2: 4… they went from Nazareth to Bethlehem, un to David’s city.

Luke 2: 39, they “returned” to their own city Galilee and Nazareth.

Mt 2: 22.. when Christ came to be baptized, He came from Galilee…

Mat 3: 13.. when John was put in prison, Christ went to Galilee.

Mat 4: 12.. and Christ lived in “Nazareth”, which is also of Galilee.

Mat 21: 11.. Christ said, when He is resurrected, He will go before others in to Galilee. (Mat 26: 32.)Looks like Christ could not wait to be resurrected to go to Galilee.  

Math 26: 69… Thou also wast with Jesus of Galilee”

Math 26: 71:.. This fellow was also with Jesus of Nazareth.

 When Peter was accused of being with Christ, the people thought that Christ is a “Galilean” or a gentile”. This is why Peter denied Him, as if he admitted, then they would cast him out of the synagogue. like all the ministers in PCG now, they do not want to be cast out and looked like a rebel. But God wants one to lay their lives for Christ’s sake, in order to find it. One way to deny Christ is to not to admit, when their leaders sin. If you know your leader is sinning and wanting to stay in the church by keeping it hidden, is to deny Christ. This is how, PCG ministers deny Christ. Everyone knows about the ‘bamah’ matter that it is wrong and has broken the covenant. Many ask questions from us, but no one wants to question the leadership. But before Christ comes, all will have to repent of their sins…..


Math 26: 73, and Mar 14: 70, Peter’s  speech was like a “Galilean”… this is what caused Peter to  deny Christ. Because the people though Christ was a ‘gentile’ and they accused Peter being with the gentiles. This is why, God Had to teach him a lesson with the visions of unclean animals.  and this is why Peter was rebuked by Paul for refusing to eat with the gentiles. In those days, it may have been very wrong to be with the gentiles. In Mat 21: 10, when the multitude of gentiles brought Christ to Jerusalem, the Jews in Jerusalem asked who is this? So they may have not known He is a Jew, and looks like they never knew Him.


Many times Christ met His disciples in a mountain in Galilee. Mat 28:16. Christ Had appointed that place to meet. Mat 15:29

It was in Galilee, that Christ said, He will be betrayed. Mat 17:22.

After John the Baptist was put in prison, Christ went to Galilee to preach the gospel. Mar 1:14.

The Galileans freely accepted Christ’s miracles. Mar 1:28

Christ was planning to go to Galilee, even after His resurrection. Mat 26:32. ,  Mt 28: 7-10. He even told others to meet Him there.

The women who were ministering were from Galilee. Mt 27:55


Luk 17:11- -- in Galilee, Christ healed the “Samaritan” who thanked God for healing. V 18.. Christ praised this stranger for his ‘faith’. V 22. He said, days will come when they want to see the days of Him, but they would not see. This is the time, that the Jews would not  see Christ’s work among them.

John 2: 1… even Cana was a city in Galilee, where Christ did the first miracle.


Mat 4: 18 … even Peter and Andrew were called from Galilee even though they are Jews. Also Philip (John 1: 43, Nathaneal Joh 21:2

It was in  Galilee .. (John 4: 3, 43,   v 44) Christ said a prophet has no honor in his own country. This is why, He was glorified in Galilee. John 4: 46- 54… this is the  second miracle also was done in Galilee.

John 7: 1… He escaped to Galilee from the Jews. V 9. When God departed from the threshold of the temple, He came to “east gate” in Ezekiel’s time. Ez 10:18-19, 11: 22-24.

Many people did not believe on Him because He was from Galilee and they thought how could Messiah come out of Galilee. John 7: 41,  52

John 12: 19- 21 , when Jews refused, the “Greeks”, the gentiles  from Bethsaida which is also from Galilee,  came in search of Christ. V 19 says, the ‘WHOLE WORLD” has gone after Him. But not His own.!!! It was same as today. Not a single minister who stood up for Christ !

Act 10: 37… the Word published in Judea, began from Galilee.


These verses show, that Christ spent many of His days in Galilee ,a gentile village. Many disciples were from Galilee. He spent most of the time with the gentiles and they even thought He was a “Samaritan”. (As we have proven from the Word)  This is why, Peter, when he  was accused of being with a “Galilean”, (Mar 14:70) as  they thought that is where Christ was from, denied Him three times. Peter did not want to be cast out of the synagogues. Even the last high priest, Gerald flurry has denied Christ three times now, as we, the gentile women as in Mic 2:9  have given him the witness of his sin of  denying Christ by breaking the covenant. As the women from Galilee were ministering unto Him, even now, the gentile women are with Him  and this is why, the women were cast out from the church.


1Ti 3:16  And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels,preached unto the Gentilesbelieved on in the world, received up into glory. Christ’s ‘LAST MOMENTS” were spent with His mother and other women from Galilee. This is a great mystery of godliness…. He Himself preached unto the ‘gentiles”…. And He was believed by the ‘world” while being rejected by His own.


Luk 7: 37… a ‘sinner” anointed Him… even in a Pharisee’s house.

John 9:16… Pharisees even accused Him of breaking ‘Sabbath”. They wondered how He could be a man from God. Others wondered how can a ‘sinner’ do miracles. And there was divisions…. Jews are divided even today…. If they obey God, and have His Spirit, could there be any divisions?

1Pe 4:18  And if the righteous one is scarcely saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?


John 1: 17…the law was given by Moses, but “grace and truth” by Christ. The law was given to Jews, but they failed to keep it and by grace, the gentiles have attained to righteousness (read: No flesh would be saved) But in the end, after the number of the gentiles are fulfilled, everyone will be saved by “Grace”.


Isa 59:3  For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue has muttered perverseness.

Isa 59:4  None calls for justice, nor does anyone plead for truth; they trust in vanity and speak lies. They conceive mischief and bring out iniquity.



If you do not return unto God, with all your hearts, and put away the strange gods among you, and unless you serve HIM ONLY, He will not deliver you out of the hand of your oppressors. 1 Sam 7:3.


Therefore, as  CHRIST the LORD mixed with gentiles, even healing them on Sabbaths and for revealing Himself to gentiles ( samaritans) ,  Peter and John the baptist were offended !!! 

Zion,   You will be turned back….




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