The first Letter sent to Gerald Flurry in 2003 , 12 years ago.

21ST DEC 2015.

This letter was posted in our web site twice. Both times someone has removed the contents. Therefore, we send this to all in our mailing list. This was sent to Gerald Flurry (12 years ago,) regarding the UNBAPTIZED men taken as ministers to PCG by Alex Harrison, which caused The LORD or The Husband to leave the wife, even breaking the Covenant, AND BY STRIKING THE LEADERíS WIFE. She was killed nine months after in sept 5th 2004, on their WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Could not GOD wait just one day after the anniversary to take her life? The same week Gerald Flurry took the decision to disfellowship us and hide the matter , The LORD struck his wife as mentioned in Eze. 24. These are PROPHESIED EVENTS. When the eyes are opened, all will know The LORD did what He did, and WHY HE DID IT. Gerald Flurry caused The LORD ís wife to keep the Passover with heathen. And caused The LORD ís wife to Spiritually die. So The LORD also struck his wife and took on the same day on their 40TH ANNIVERSARY! PCG leader did not keep the charge of the Sanctuary as Eze. 44:7 says. He wrote in Ezekiel booklet pg 77, other s invite heathen in to their churches. But under his nose, his regional director, Alex Harrison invited 800 of them and ordained 17 of them as ministers which WERE PUBLISHED IN Philadelphia NEWS magazines which NO ONE CAN DENY. This letter was posted in our web site twice, and we noticed someone, somehow has removed the contents both times. Therefore, we are sending it again after 12 years, to everyone as many has tried to read it. This time, we send this individually to all so all can prove if this could be done by a church leader who believes that we should not take Passover with HEATHEN. To this day, we do not do it. Then, would GOD overlook such a crime which PCG committed again The LORD ? This is the cause which caused The LORD to come as a thief , IN THE NIGHT, the spiritual darkness came over the whole land, as this is the abomination which caused the desolation. Another writing would follow soon.

22ndAugust 2003

Dear Mr. Flurry ,

 I was so pleased to spend time with you and Mrs Flurry at the conference . That time was short but touched my heart . I was so glad to learn so many deep things about God and His family from you and all the other ministers. I thank God and you for inviting us to HQs.

I realized that there are some things done differently in these countries than Sri Lanka. I really do not know whether we should have written to you about this when it was happening. When we do wrong things. it hurts God, His work , His prophet and His children . We witnessed this during the last four years and the problem is not quite over. All the members cried out to God about this matter. We have lots of questions about this even now. Please help us to understand. There are few reasons why I am writing this to you now. I humbly come to you as you are the head of the physical family of God for answers. If I should not have written to you about this, Please forgive me.

Although we wanted to let you know while it was happening in India, no one had courage t do so. With good reasons I think now, that you would be the right person to judge this matter. If this is something that we should not have reported to you, please destroy this whole letter. If we should have reported to you while this was happening, please forgive us for not doing so. We are taught that if a minister does something wrong, we are to pray and then leave it up to God's hands to correct. We thought we were obeying God by keeping this confidential, because we were asked to.

When we came to Maryland, the brethren happened to be talking about creeping ministers after your message on Jude 1. They said that anything suspicious, should be reported to you immediately, God will clear out problems before He add more, they said before the whole phase of work which starts with new KOD programs, God will clear out problems otherwise, God cannot add more. God will not bless that area, it is our duty to report if we know anything etc........ it scared me a little bit just in case if this problem is something we should have reported, the blame will be on us and God cannot do His work. I will be held responsible for not doing so. I am certain you will give me the answer the answer God wants to have.

When they were talking about this subject, I asked one lady, what would you do when you see a minister does something wrong? She said you are to report to the Regional director, ( RD) then I asked what if the RD does something wrong? Then she said, you should tell him first and if he does not listen, then it is our duty to report it to you immediately and she said that God expects that from us. Also, it is God who is revealing good and bad to us to bring it to light.

When I started to think it over, I remembered that when WCG started going astray, God showed it you and then you did something about it. We learned to fight for God's Philadelphia standard from you. Now , ( I think) when God reveals something even bad things, we are to bring it to you. Then when I came to the conference, Mr Campbell happened to sit beside me one afternoon while having lunch and I wanted to confirm what I learned from the brethren in Washington, so I asked Mr Campbell the same question. He confirmed it. Even then I did not want to do so. Then I asked Mr Turgeon about it and he too agreed that we should report it to you.  Again I want to tell you, as a woman, I am supposed to go to the husband for answers and so I did . He does not have the answer either. Then I went to the RD. But I and not only I , but the whole church in India and Sri lanka, still we did not get an answer. But as a child of God, I am reaching out to you as you are the God's spokesman at this time, for answers.  Sometimes, our questions might look ignorant. Even so, I would like you to be the judge of that.

When I raised this question, which now I am writing to Mr Harrison, he said "Be careful with your little investigation, you will be out of the church". I think he meant that I will be disfellowshipped. That statement scared all of us. So , in order to obey government, we kept quiet because of fear of disfellowshipment. Therefore, Mr Flurry, we were silent not because everyone wanted to but, we had to. You see when Mr Harrison said that, my husband and I discussed about this and he told me hereafter, we better not report this to Mr Harrison any further, because we do not want to get disfellowshipped. So not only us, all the brethren got scared and kept quiet. You see, after you declared that this is the last hour, we did not want to get disfellowshipped even for a moment. Things happened after this and we thought that if Mr Harrison complains about us to you, you would have taken his side and let us be disfellowshipped. At least, that is what we thought. To this day, we have not disobeyed Mr Harrison even for a moment, in order to obey the government. But now I am very confused. Therefore, Mr Flurry, I pray to God that He would show you how to handle this. If it is wrong for me to have written this to you, please destroy this letter and warn me and never to do so. I will repent and change. I am writing this on my own even though the whole church in India and Sri lanka is confused about this. My husband, specially, is not aware of my writing this letter to you. If you think that I should be disfellowshipped for writing this, let this matter be on me.

Your tape about "Be aware of creeping ministers " made me to rethink. I think what happened in India is wrong, according to God's word, Mr HWA's and yours, but if you say it is right to have happened, who are we to argue? I let you be the judge and again i beg for forgiveness. Mr Campbell said you should report it to Mr Flurry, no matter a man or a woman. May be it was wrong for me to have asked from Mr Campbell and Mr Turgeon. But I did anyway, so I could find out the truth about as what to do or what we should have done. Forgive me for doing so, if it is wrong.

Mr Flurry, we do not meet any other minister in other areas. We only see Mr Harrison and whatever he says, we obey cause we do not know any other way. After we came here with your message on Jude 1, made me think about this whole thing again. So without delay , I will get to the point. Please forgive me if it is wrong for me to have written this to you or for not writing this to you before. If we should have done so after learning that we should have written this to you, now I am now even more afraid to not to have done so. One thing I am guilty of is , asking Mr Campbell and Mr Turgeon about what I asked, in the absence of my husband. Cause he would not have allowed me to ask anything from anyone.( According to Mr Harrison's instructions. I was watched during the conference) Then our questions would never have answered. So if it is wrong for me to have written it to you, let that sin may be on me wholly. I will repent thoroughly. I am reaching out to you in ignorance, I am begging that you would read this letter and all the papers remembering that.

These were some of the things happened last four years.
Some left the church accusing you of a false prophet, to have ministers like Sumanth Kumar ( Indian ministers and 800 people) none of those ministers were never in the WCG and therefore, none including Mr Kumar himself were not even baptized. Church paid money to this person to destroy the work of God. He stole money in thousands of dollars. Despite of our complaining he built two houses and bought a new car while cheating God, some in other churches laughed. The KOD responses were not answered, he collected all the responses without answering and after one year only he sent those to us after promising to pay money. The work came to a deadly stop for two years. people who should not have been baptized, were baptized. Before the Passover, members argued " who is going to wash this man's feet ". Members were not planning to come to the feast if he was coming. A man who is not even baptized, was assigned to give sermons at Eternal's feast. Mr Harrison assigned two sermons at 2001 feast. Will God ever bring an unbaptized man to His alter and let His family listen to his sermons ? The church was divided because Kumar made wrong allegations against the brethren and us . Kumar said one thing to Mr. Harrison and another to us . Kumar brought bad reputation to the church by his actions.

The whole church in india nd Sri lanka was offended. The church was divided. The whole church came against Kumar and Mr Harrison. Some stopped sending tithes. Some members said that only the ministers could do all the wrong things and still stay in the church while if members did they will be disfellowshipped. Our spiritual lives were at stake at one time cause it was possible for us to be disfellowshipped. We were caught between the members and Mr Harrison. They accused my husband being a weak man cause he would not write to you. Then my husband gave a sermon defining the work "Minister'. He said a minister is a person who carried out instructions. And he claimed that is just what he supposed to do and he has written about this to Mr Harrison and thereafter, he does not have any authority to do anything else and it is entirely up to God to correct. (At least that is what we were taught) Since we do not get any visits from anybody from other areas, we did not know what we were supposed to do until I asked at this time. I did not get a chance to talk to my husband about what the members said any what Mr Campbell and Mr Turgeon said. I am afraid to tell him that I asked from them. I was told by my daughter that after she came here, that we are supposed to inform you of such activities in the church. That prompted me to inquire further. (Mr Harrison has told my husband to not to let me talk to other ministers saying that it is not good for his ministry. After writing those letters, Mr Harrison is not happy with me. I feel that way because of several incidents. )

During the conference and in my stay in Maryland, I found out that many members as well as ministers are still praying for on existing ministers and members in India. Several members, including Mrs Amy Flurry, asked me how are the members and ministers in India? My husband and I could not answer them truthfully as we do not know what to say. Two of those minister's names are still in the ordination list. One member, in your PA asked how is Mr Samuel, the minister who gave a live chicken and I am still praying for him.

Since Kumar has been creating lots of problems for the church, we wrote two letters to Mr Harrison regarding this in 2001. Kumar was assigned to give two sermons at the feast in 2001. Since we knew he was not even baptized or ordained or had any connections with the Worldwide Church of God as he claimed, the whole church was upset about this. This made us write those letters to Mr Harrison, which I am including. Please read them. I am writing along story short.

It all started like this:   The very first day Kumar came to Sri lanka to meet Mr Harrison, we found out he is lying about the age, experience, education, income and his date of ordination and he had no connections with the Worldwide Church of god, as he claimed. At this time, my husband has left to work already.   The two members who came from India stayed with me also were witness to this. Since it is not my duty to point out this matter, I did not say anything to Mr Harrison but I casually mentioned that he is only 27 years old not mentioning many other things we found out at this time.  This he said , I cannot tell Mr Harrison about this unless I see the proof myself. ( We came to know Kumar's real age from his passport, which was given to me to reconfirm his flight.)

In Jan 2000, Kumar arranged a conference in his home town, which Mr Harrison invited my husband and me. As soon as the conference began, Mr Harrison handed over the ordination certificates to all the ministers. Right after that, Mr Harrison asked the ministers to ask any questions. The first question one of those ministers asked was " How to keep Sabbath"? Mr Harrison was very upset and said, you call yourselves ministers of God and don't even know hot to keep Sabbath? Sitting in the back, I saw Kumar motioning by hand to not to ask questions. There are many other things happened which I should not take time to write now. My husband and I were met by Kumar's older brother. Then we asked how old are you? He said he is 29 years old. Then my husband believed me that he is only 27 years old and told Mr Harrison. Mr Harrison asked Kumar and he told that his father told him to add 10 years to look more experienced. That was acceptable to Mr Harrison. So Mr Harrison told us that and since it is not our duty to do anything other than that, we kept quiet. That conference costed the work at least $7,000/-. There were two other conferences like this and we found out nothing seem to be true, not even one thing.

One day, Kumar took us to the best hotel in town, a 7 star class hotel, the best of the best, saying he gets a discount, it was only 11 hours, we checked in at 9 o clock in the night and was out by 8 AM. He had arranged a suite to Mr Harrison and his cost for the hotel was $1,000/- for that 11 hours and our two rooms was another $1,000 /-  The discount was only 2%. He did that not because he loved us but he was planning to rent his own house for another $1200, for the conference and to show us that to stay in his house is cheaper than to stay in a hotel, so he could pocket that money. Mr Azariah, a church member, a president of a big company in India was renting a beach front, very expensive house in Bombay, where the houses are most expensive, paid only $600, a month. So how could a house in that village cost $1200 for six days? He said he had to pay for food and water etc... But he drew water from a well and instead of buying food, he cooked right in front of us but he told Mr Harrison that he is buying food. This Kumar lives in a village where a house like the PCG office , cost only Rs 2,000 ($ 40) maximum, (he is renting his other three stories for Rs 1500 ( $30/- _ whereas he charged Rs 6,000/- rent. We found out that PCG office he is renting is his own house, which he built, but told Mr Harrison that he is renting it. (The house that PCG rented  and other house which he built, are two story houses, the third story to be built later, which has marble flooring and other latest fittings which has even hot water facilities which are luxurious to India. Now he live in one story and rents the other three stories for Rs 1,500 ($30)

Not only that, he said he had to buy things to accommodate Mr Harrison and bought many other things. One item was a bed costed the church Rs 60,000, which is $1,200/-. A bed like that we checked out from furniture shops, were only Rs 10,000/- with mattresses etc.. Not only that, the following year when everyone went there, the bed is missing, He would have either rented or borrowed it.

This followed by  many other incidents, him lying and getting thousands of dollars, Like for a fax machine he got $1,500 but to this date, there is no fax machine. He send photos of people and claimed that he kept the feast and asked for $3,000 and Mr Harrison gave him. Not only once, but many times. Later UCG minister said those photos were taken at his sisterís wedding. This is not all., He printed "what is PCG" and "Who is Gerald Flurry" articles, 10000 copies. Then he had translated one article and had printed on color paper with yours and HWA's photos, to whom to give? I don't think even HQs print in such large quantities.

As you can see, we have informed Mr Harrison about all these things. One letter we wrote  was to give you. We were under the impression that you received it and that is why you hired my husband as a full time minister.

When my husband and other two members went to Kumars house ( PCG Office) in 2001 during the feast, before we contacted Mr Harrison, Kumar has contacted him and had told that my husband came with two others when he was not at home and had gone in to the office and had complained about their visit. Then Mr Harrison called me and asked who gave authority for Newton to go to PCG office in India?  This incident is written in detail in our letters which I am including. Then I told Mr Harrison about what happened and I said that I am writing a letter to him about everything. Then he said "be careful with your little investigation that you will be out of the church". Then i said the brethren are angry and are writing a letter to Mr Flurry. Then Mr Harrison agreed for me to write these letters. He said to write one letter to him and the other to Mr Flurry, but to send both to him and then he, himself will give it to Mr Flurry and think about hiring Newton as a full time minister. Then the brethren quieted down. When my husband came home, Mr Harrison called and said "how can you accuse your covenant brother"? Then Newton explained the reasons why he went there.

After Mr Harrison received our letter, Mr Harrison told us few things why those things have happened. He said: Kumarís wife has had a hysterectomy and that is why she keep three servants. But a year later, she got another baby. (Mr Harrison named the baby "Alexandria".) When I asked Mr Harrison that is it a small matter that his name is in the ministerial ordination list and on tope of the list? Mr Harrison said it is nothing and it is not important. Then I asked how about the other things such as stealing and lying and him being a reverend?  He said "Oh you just have to forget it, cause the gentiles ministers do such things".  When I raised the question "About Kumar and three other ministers going to UCG conference, Mr Harrison said he told Kumar to take two or three ministers and go to the UCG conference, where as , I told Mr Harrison that he had gone to the UCG conference, three months after they had gone. (do RDs supposed to tell their ministers to go to other churches' conferences/ ) I am confused on this matter too.  Thereafter, we did not tell anything about Kumar to Mr H. Because it is pointless. Only thing we could do is to pray and wait. This happened in 2001, October. However Mr H said he would not send any money to kumar thereafter.

At this time, no one was answering KOD responses. When we told Mr H about this he said oh! it is only two or three, not many. Doesn't God calls one at a time?

Mr H, before he moved to England, came to Sri lanka just to settle this matter. He told my husband to teach Kumar basic truths .Why would a minister, AFTER TWO YEARS in to the ministry need to be taught the basic doctrines? Also we were puzzled that: when we found out kumar went to UCG conference in 2001 Jan, we told Mr H. And in July at the regional directors conference, he said that he has 25 ministers under him. Mr H knew most of the stealing and lying by that time and most of the ministers mentioned in the following PN were long gone, including Mr Samuel. Mr Samuel was one of the ministers who went to the UCg conference in Jan 2001. So how cold we count him to be a PCG minister?

After this incident, one friend of Mr Turgeon , Mr John Snyder wrote to Mr Turgeon asking how come those ministers could be in the PCG ministry , since they are not ordained. I do not know why Mr Turgeon did not look in to that matter. Mr H wrote an email to Mr Snyder and he never wants to talk about it.

Further, I would like to say, that we did not go after anyone to get this information. One person who was a secretary to kumar sent us all the information to us without asking. (May be that is the way God chose to reveal about kumar). He was fired by kumar for supplying us with this information. He specially requested not to let Kumar know that he is sending information to us. After I told about these things to Mr H, he has told kumar about this person. Then kumar went and had threatened him. His family too were upset. He had to leave his house for months to hide from Kumar.  Kumar has a brother who is a politician (and politicians in India can get away doing anything). His whole family is stealing money from unsuspecting organizations like PCG. it is a known fact to that whole village. people in that area knows about his family's misdealing and are quiet because of fear.  One member who went there with my husband refused to give his report to Mr H because he was afraid that he would be killed. Kumar's own relatives were killed by him, according to some. One time, at the Passover, kumar was missing. He was hiding from the police. Then the person who gave us information had to flee for his life. Many months later, he got the Christian council of churches to file a court case against this kumar, which still going on. There are many other similar cases against him. (My husband and two other members who went there found out from people in the hotel they were staying). The Christian council of churches in India has accused  the PCG minister and has a court case against him for assaulting a man. What an example he was to the Christian council? and to members? and to the public?

When Mr Flurry elevated Mr H as an evangelist, many members got upset. That was the time four people became rally upset and two left accusing you of being a false prophet and one person said I now have doubts about PCG being the true church and I must get other churchesí literature. One withheld his tithes until everything is cleared up.  Some members thought since you are the prophet, you would have to know what kind of a person kumar is and also Mr H .  Then we told them that God spoke through you in the tape during last ministerial conference, "Searching deeper things of God" that you tell the ministers to notify you of weak elders , not to be people pleasers, not to look for numbers etc..... also few things from Mr S Flurry's "What to look in an assistant" tape. We also told that God Has left Mr Flurry know that there are such problems in the church and the RDs have to inform you.  At that time, we did not have the heart to inform you cause you would have had high expectations to appoint Mr H as an evangelist and all the hope you would have had to transfer him to England to look after the whole of that area etc...

After we sent those letters we were expecting Mr H to take action on this matter.  But he still was considered a minister. Then we prayed that the only way to solve this was for kumar to be resigned. That is exactly what happened. After this incident, God kept him away. He never came to the feast or for the Passover.

After we offered to give him money, he started sending the KOD responses few at a time. Some were old as 11 months. One person demanded to know whether there is an office in Bhimawaram or not? One person said "If you are not going to send the literature, please let me know". Many has sent money. Few checks were included which he could not cash. One person who has been writing, requesting a visit whose letters were not answered, wrote even to you asking are you going to baptize me or not? I dont know whether you received that mail. It was sent to us by HQs. Last passover, he was baptised.

When you read the letters please remember that we wrote them to Mr H who knew what we were talking about. YOu might be puzzled over some things.

Still the bank account in Bhimawaram is not closed. IN India, only authorized organizations are allowed to receive money from foreign  countries. Knowing the kind of man kumar is, he could be still getting money for PCG bank account from other countries. He still could be doing transactions. (After 2001 the church registration is not renewed. Therefore, you are not supposed to keep the account. When the registration will be renewed, one of the directors will be my husband. He will have to answer for this bank account if not closed now.  Please refer to the pages 32 b and 33. In June 2002, the lawyers are still trying to get the papers and documents from kumar to renew the registration for the year ending 2001. A year and two months after). Also, after removing kumar, he might purposely inform the government to put my husband in trouble. He hate my husband and me for telling about him to Mr H. We have to think ahead. (Mr H asked kumar to get resignation letters from all the ministers. Four of the ministers have left the country and kumar had signed their resignation letters instead of the four ministers). My husband is a man who obeys God's government 100%. If kumar causes trouble, and he informs the Indian government, my husband  will have to answer to the Indian government, (Kumar has connections with government officials through his brother who is a politician and they can get away from any kind of trouble. That is why the person who informed us about kumar had to run away and get the Christian council of churches involved otherwise, he could not go by himself to the authorities).

(Newton is not a director yet in India) If the govt. of India asks how come you do transactions under the PCG's name since your church has not even registered  or renewed the registration? What will he say? He will  be either put in jail (Indian people do not have any mercy for churches) or he will be not allowed to enter in to India and do the work. We know we depend on God for answers. But don't we first have to do our part? Such as handling the problems instead of over looking them? Getting rid of them in due time? Right now, (after  everyone said they will not send tithes to kumar) we suggested to open a bank account in Bombay under two people's names. Suppose after the new registration, we open another bank account elsewhere. Then the government will find out about the bank account in Bhimawaram too. Mr H says since the brethren do not send any money to bhimawaram, we don't have to worry about that bank account. But it is under the church's name. If it is not in use, why does kumar still keep the account without closing it as my husband ordered him?

When my husband went to get visa to come to USA, the only question the visa officer asked is where is your ordination certificate. When we say that, immediately visa was granted. If kumar knows that it is that easy to come to US., he would do so. Suppose if he comes and disappears, who will have to answer? It will be you. Cause you have signed the ordination certificate. If anyone is associated with a church as PCG in Sr lanka and India, the visa officers do not even check whether you have enough money cause they know the churches will take care of them. I don't think kumar knows it is that easy to come here with that certificate. I know God will not let us go through such trials. Just in case if something happens like that, all the gentile ministers will be in trouble. They inform all the visa consulates if such a thing were to happen. Sorry for assuming things. But if we do our part correctly, we are certain that God will do His'.

I will end here. There is much more. The questions we had were,
Did God truly accept this kumar as one of his ministers since he is not even baptised? Please see pag 38. Will Christ let His church to accept such  ministers? Did Christ invited him to His Altar? Will Christ let His people to listen to a sermon by such a person at the Eternal's feast? Was he eligible to take Passover with God's people? Would God and Jesus Christ have accepted him as a minister? Even considered him as a member after learning these things? Even after learning that he has added 10 years to his real age as he was asked to by his father? Why would anyone lie to a church about his baptism, education and experience and income? Even after learning that he has done so, is he worthy to be continued as a minister in God's church? How about after he has gone to UCG conference? After finding out he is an editor of a newspaper called " end time prophecy" and declaring himself of an end time prophet? After learning that he is a reverend in another church? Would God accept? Would Mr Armstrong? Would you?

Mr Flurry, I an not only I, but the whole church had all these questions. Specially in India and Sri lanka. According to the word of God, teachings of HWA and YOURS, this could not be possible. But we know you were not informed of all these things. Even after learning these things now, if you accept him, which unlikely, I will accept him too cause I do not know of another prophet God is leading other than you.

I beg your forgiveness for any wrong doing in my part. With my whole heart I am crying out to god to lead us in TRUTH> We all know that we can depend on you for answers that we do not have. You are the true spokesman for God at this time.

I believe I do not have any authority to get anybody into the church or out of the church. We will support you wholly as we have done since we came to PCG in 1992. I ws the only one who was disfellowshipped from the WCG in Sri lanka. I stood up for God's truth then and for you too even I  did not know you then.

Mr Flurry, This has been happening for four years now. Still we have not got answers to our questions,. Christ said He gives three years and another year to cut down the fig tree. May be now it is the time to cut this problem too, after  four years.

I Know you would have lots of questions. I am supposed to keep these things confidential. Before you ask anything about this from Mr H or my husband, please email me and warn me. I know I will be threatened. My email address is ........ . I am still with my daughter in Baltimore. If you want to call, the number is ................ best time to call would be between ..........
I would appreciate if you let me know about your decision first so that I could prepare myself to answer to Mr H and my husband. Thank you... Neela